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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTEENTH TALK            3l9

studies, they continue their meditation and their
reading, and they let those who like to do so worry
about these other matters.  The people who are
excited in such cases are always worrying about what
the public will think or say. It does not seem to
dawn on them that it does not matter one iota what
the public say or think. We are discussing Theo-
sophical subjects. First of all, since the public knows
nothing about them, the opinion of the public is not
based on study of any sort.  It is incapable of
study; it forms its ideas from wild prejudices and
impressions. Why should we trouble about it ? The
opinion of a thousand men upon a subject is of no
importance whatever, if none of them knows anything
about it. Thg.1 is absolutely true. The multiplica-
tion of ignorance does not make knowledge, but
most people think it does. They think that if they
can only get enough people to shout a false battle-cry,
it will ultimately prevail. The opinion of one man
who knows something about a subject is worth many
thousands of those who do not know. We are not, I
suppose, formulating our religious and philosophic
ideas to please other people. We are formulating
such a system as we find satisfactory, as we find will
work in practice. We shall be glad to try to help
any of those who wish to learn. Meantime they must
think what they will; that is their affair, not ours.
And so, as He says, you must make light of the troub-
les which come into everyone's life, and avoid the